Monday, March 2, 2009

Border Collies Need A Job, Right?

And what better way for them to spend their Sunday than helping Mom with software upgrades? Lucky for them, I am not the only dog-owning employee with nothing better to do on a Sunday. We were joined by Uncle Charles and Buster.

Bella LOVES being at work.

OMG! Loading a furnace!!
OMG! Water cooler talk!
Woooo! Makin' cop-pies
Kate's more of a desk girl.Schenanigans whilst on the clock make her uncomfortable. Former hall monitor, perhaps?
And apparently, clean room is to office as bathroom is to home. It is as worrisome for a human to enter dog-less in there as is a dog-free potty break at home. I'm not sure what they think is happening, but they don't think it's good.
Can't you just hear Bella's deep panic sniffs with her nose smashed against the door crack?
Work is all fun and games until the fun and games start. No more smiley face. No, no, ball is business.
Buster works on his Border Collie impression
And, oddly enough, his Buster impression

Kate works on...well...something... no one is sure

So, this is what I looked at for 6 hours as I kicked the ball around the office while doing client upgrades.

I actually wore out my dogs! By 3 they were so over it they went and crashed in my office. Haha. Wimps!


  1. That is too precious! What good helpers! :)

  2. Buster is adorable.

    I really enjoy your blog. Hence, I'm sharing the Kreativ Blogger Award with you. details are in my blog.

  3. Popped by from blogcatalog and found your blog. You've posted some really cute pics on here! Feel free to come by blog sometime and leave a comment! Would you be interested in linking sites?


  4. I've just killed over an hour browsing pics of Bella and Kate. They are TOO freekin adorable for words. There expressions are so full of life...just beautiful beautiful pups. ALMOST as beautiful and the ever LOVELY LACEY.
    I'm thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog.

  5. Just finished looking at your blog, some of the best pictures iv'e seen. Very, very creative.