Thursday, February 26, 2009

Naughty, Naughty

This is the face of a Very Bad Dog

She knows it

And she knows I know it

And, quite frankly, she doesn't care

What you are looking at, dear internet people, is the face of a serial bread thief.

No pun intended, but, come on...bread...serial...cereal...haha

A few months back, very out of the blue, my good little dog who wants nothing more out of life than to just not be in trouble, started counter surfing. It's all very weird and a long story, but the result is that Kate is crated when no one is home. Another very weird and long story has to do with a room mate who is anti-crating and me being a bad dog-mom. Readers Digest Version: I left her out of her crate for a test run. She knocked over the gate to downstairs and helped herself to some Hawaiian bread on the counter.

I'll fax you $20 if you can guess who'll be in her crate tomorrow!

Yeah, I'm irritated. Yeah, I'm frustrated. Yeah, I talk about Kate behind her back.

But she gets to do her thang, bread belly and all...

Maybe she's trying to talk me into an Atkins Diet.


  1. My Devon has a want for challah bread. She has stolen whole loaves and filled her belly only to demand more when we get home. The bread now gets placed n top of the fridge.

  2. My sheltie loves bread as well. We have to put it on the highest shelf of the pantry, or given the chance, he'll steal it. He is very surgical and only eats the bread and leaves the bag intact. I think he would pick bread over meat!

  3. Oh, the ongoing debate of dogs everywhere! Stay out of trouble? Bread? Stay out of trouble? Bread? ... Head explodes... Bread gets eaten. My corgi mix has even managed to jump to counter level to get bread. Mmmm, bread!

  4. Do not leave butter on the counter as once they taste that savory sweet stuff they will always go for it. Or maybe you could leave some out and see if she ends up making toast... ;)

  5. Our Aussie is ALWAYS crated at night and when we're not home. Most of his first year he was a voracious chewer; three doorframes, a spot on a plastered wall, and numerous socks bear silent witness. After most of the chewing had stopped, he swiped a loaf of my fresh-baked bread off the counter and managed to snorf over half the loaf in the 30 seconds or less my back was turned. I feel your frustration!

    BTW, wish I had your camera, lenses, and talent. The other day I took shots of Jackson playing with one of my sheep and put them on my blog. It was hilarious to watch, but my shots don't capture it like yours do!

  6. The bitches are a sly lot!

    I am such a food wuss that I even turned away from McDonald's french fries that spilled onto the floor.

  7. So funny it is amazing what they can do when they really want something! Your pictures are amazing, what kind of camera do you use?

  8. You're a wonderful storyteller! The photos and the captions are so funny.

    What's in a name? My Katy is also a super counter surfer. She also knows to check all of my training bags to see if there are leftover cookies anywhere. But, bread is one of her favorite things to steal!

    Love your photos. Your herding shots from a few posts ago are absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Oh YES - the "BAD DOG CLUB" has two full fledged members at my house! Counter-surfing? Check! Trash Hounding? Check? House Chewing? Check! Even, EVEN Book Munching!!!

    Do they look guilty? Oh yeah.
    Do they care? HA HA HA HA HA. Nope.

  10. We have a counter surfer also. She is getting better.....slowly. However, she has snarfed down a piece of cheese cake in one gulp to make sure she finished it. I know the rule is that you are supposed to keep your countertop clean...but it is so hard sometimes. Cathy

  11. Love your blog ( for obvious reasons!).

  12. This carb fixation is the one thing which is making me question the raw & high-protein kibble dogma.....I have a carb junkie too. Breads, pastries, buns, baguettes - she'll eat it all if she can get a hold of them.

    A couple weeks ago I left corn bread in a glass 9x13 baking dish, covered with the rubber lid, set waaaay back on the counter. The brat got it down somehow, took it to the living room, opened it and of course ate all the corn bread. What I can't figure out is HOW she did it. The glass pan is blooming heavy and nothing was broken & there are no dents in the floor or anything.

    And this is my dog who refuses to learn to retrieve .... maybe I can teach her to retrieve using pyrex pans of cornbread?

  13. Well your dog obviously is not alone and you can add mine to the list of bread thieves! My oldest dog Smokey is the bread thief. Sierra Jane is not picky she is a moose who is ever so observant she has figured out that she can just put her big ole moose paw on the trash can to open it up and she goes trash surfing whenever her heart desires so now we have to heavea whole seaprate room for trash and litter box because yes they all think cat poop is just the cat's meow the dog's bark and apparently pretty damn tasty too! YUK!