Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Know, I Know, We *Need* The Rain

And actually, I enjoy being out in the rain when, like today, it's actually a bit warm. Not shorts and a t-shirt warm, but comfortable. What I do hate is the project that is Running The Dogs While It's Raining. The DP is a short jaunt up the street. A dry DP trip goes...

Drive to park...throw home

In the rain, though, a simple trip to the DP becomes this ridiculous project...

...the clothing...the umbrella...the boots...the hats...the juggling umbrella/camera/coffee/chuck-it...

And when you get home it's not like you just let the dogs in. Oh no, hose time, Babies. Then towel time. Then pouty cold dog time.

Oh sure, the dogs are hella cute when it's a bit drizzly and their ears are all wet
But it doesn't end there. Oh no, just the beginning that is. That's about the time the dirt starts sticking
All down hill from there

And Kate would like to make a small request. Could the future rain please come without thunder? Kthx.


  1. LOL! We just let them in after running in the rain...hardwood floors are the best for hairy muddy wet dogs :)

  2. "hardwood floors are the best for hairy muddy wet dogs"

    Got the hardwood! Downstairs, anyway.

    I don't know how you folks with coated dogs cope. You guys must steal a lot of hotel towels! :-P

  3. I have to say, I love when you post updates to your blog. We have a border collie too and you capture those expressions so timelessly. =) Enjoying every minute!


  4. I am also not such a big fan of walking dogs or bringing them to dp in the rain. It is really a lot more work than normal. lol

  5. My humans dislike the rain. Like yours, they know it makes the dirt stick and crust up on us.

    My, don't we BC's collect a lot of mud and grit! Congrats on your owners for letting you have fun in the rain.

    Your pal,