Sunday, February 1, 2009

What Makes *Me* Rotten

Sheena at "Three Woofs And A Woo" has tagged us for some laundry airing. So be it!

Five Things I Laugh At, But Shouldn't

1. Kate's face when I tease her with food.

Now, I know I shouldn't tease her. Kate's mere presence is often entertaining enough, but I just can't help myself. She tries soo hard to do the right thing. The stress of trying to control herself does, indeed, brighten my day. Should this blog suddenly stop getting updated you will know why. It's always those introverted, insecure, slightly awkward people who end up hacking up their neighbors with a screwdriver, right?

2. Kate Hates Bouncy Dogs

She truly does and sees it as her life's mission to rid the world of rude dogs. Well, maybe not the "world." Maybe just a 10 foot radius centered on her face. To know Kate is to know that having feelings of anger or irritation are completely unnatural. Seeing Kate like this is funny in the same way as it would be to watch Big Bird beat the shit out of somebody.

3. Allowing Bella To Beg

My father will probably cringe when he reads this. Dogs have never been allowed to beg at our house. I did keep that tradition going up until about a year ago. She is just so creative and funny when she does it. I can't help myself. She cannot stand food being left uneaten. If she could talk, she would launch herself into a diatribe about the starving children in Africa and how self-centered and ungrateful we are for not cleaning our plates.

It's starts with a bit of whining

"Stray food! There is stray food!!"

When that doesn't work, she moves to the psychic powers trick

"You will tell me to Get It, You will tell me to Get It"

Followed by the nodding in the general direction of the goods.


This is when I ask her to show me what she wants. Which she does with a nose touch. How can I tell that pathetic face to knock it off?

"Fee? Ifs wite vere" 4. Aim For The Dog

If you have a soft enough toy, you should totally try this at home. Dogs that love to fetch are used to the ball going over their head. Try whipping the ball just past them at eye level. Go on. Try it. Funny as hell.

5. Kate And Solid Objects

This one, I cannot photograph. You'll just have to believe me. Setting this up to shoot would truly make me a bad owner. Kate runs into things. Like, a lot. Take her outside. Close the slider behind you. Hear her slam into the glass as she tries to get back in.

Even though the dog door is in same slider.

Throwing a toy in the house? Must make sure she is clear of walls because she will take out some drywall.

Same with fences. As I have said before, Kate is either at 0 or at 90. Not much in between. She will run after the ball and realize about 4 feet from the fence that she is 4 feet from the fence. She will swing her body sideways and bounce off it trampoline style and land on her feet.

What can I say? There is a reason we call her "Short Bus"

And, to spread the love, we are now tagging Mary at "The Dogfathers" to do the same.

We want more Carmela! :-)


  1. Awesome! Those are great! I particularly love the photo of Bella cutting her eyes sideways at the cracker or whatever that is. Very fond, too, of Kate's Mad Teeth (tm) plus BONUS! Creative tongue! Can't wait to see Mary's now.

  2. We used to have a Spaniel Mix who would fling herself at our garden gate in pursuit of a ball.

    Great pictures!

  3. I just blew crystal light on the monitor from laughing while I was taking a sip. I love the pictures! You know I am going to try throwing the ball right by Beth's face tomorrow too - just to see what will happen. Ranger has a thing for crashing into the door too!
    I love your blog - never fails to make me giggle!

  4. LOL!!!! My BC Cinder (at 9+ years) STILL runs into the sliding glass door. With the duct tape on it to prevent her from doing so.

    And I laugh every time!

  5. Very cute. Seriously! How do you get the treat on the head like that?? I can't get the treat on Riley's head because she always looks up & sniffs it while I am trying to place it on her nose. She won't keep her head still.

    Your photos are really the highlight of my day. (And its been a long day)!

  6. Hey sis, Your right om the money about the begging! Nina would most likley to be told off for doing so. About teasing, that's another matter! I seem to remember a cracker being cleverly mounter with peanutbutter as a sort of glue. The only other animal I can think of with so much snapping action is an aligator!!

    Love Svend

  7. "peanutbutter as a sort of glue"

    HAHA. I totally forgot about that. I have something new to try now! :-)

  8. Funny, funny, funny.

    One thing about the BC community, we share the dirty little secret of not being about to laugh at our dogs. I confess I am a peanut butter sadist....JUST BECAUSE I CRAVE THE FUNNY FACES.

    Bella's photos: priceless. If I ever saw a BC saying a silent prayer ("Oh, dear god in heaven...") it's Bella and the cracker.

    Nice work!

  9. You are darn tooting right that the old man would not have approved of begging at the tabel, Fan.

    Lots of fun though.

  10. These are sooooo good! I am trying my best to come up with 5 Things that are not lame! I will try to have our list up by this weekend. Thanks for tagging us. This is an awesome post! :-)

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  12. Great pictures. Made me laugh, particularly of Bella's eyeing the the cracker.

  13. Really crazy! Your photos are so great!
    Greatings from Germany