Monday, February 16, 2009

Enought With The Rain, Already!

It has been non-stop all weekend. Steady, non-stop rain. Not even waxing and waning, just constant. Like, close to biblical. Like, close to start collecting 2 of everything. Got the 2 dogs. They are, of course, both female, but this is the Bay Area, so I assume we'll be let on the boat.
SO, we went to the DP yesterday in the constant down pour. Sans camera, of course. I ended up babying 2 very wet, very cold dogs last night. Something about running in the rain makes one extra tired.

We had some left-over tired this morning, too. In the unusual situation of Mom's Home On A Monday, I wasn't even pestered. They felt like staying in and having soup, too. That is until I touch the camera bag. That's when Kate becomes Most Annoying Dog. I try to tell her to chill, tell her that camera does not mean Big Dog Fun. You know, maybe I'm taking the camera outside without them...

You so crazy with those dog-free crazy thoughts...where's my leash?

I hate to admit it, but she's right.

Off to the DP we go. Not too many people there. We saw their little friend Nicky. I use the term friend loosely. Kate normally likes little dogs, particularly nice, polite little dogs like Nicky. But, we were the only ones on the little dog side and Mr. Nick was feeling extra frisky. The look on Kate's face here kills me. She is trying so hard to not be an ass. Haha!

Bella didn't try as hard

Then the rain picked up a bit and just about everyone left. This is normally our favorite time, but today this lady walking past stopped to tell us that a Mountain Lion had been spotted in the park, it may be injured, and perhaps we wouldn't want to walk our dogs out back today.

Um, yeah, perhaps not.

Perhaps never again.

So, the chances of there being an actual Mt. Lion in this park is very slim. There was one spotted in 2005, so there is a chance, but again, very slim one. I really wanted to go look for it. Then again, do I really need to go looking for a possibly-injured Mt. Lion? Not really. Parks Dept is closed for the holiday, so I called the cops to let them know what I was told. It really does sound silly when you say it out a cop...but the lady saw *something* and seeing as this park is frequented by folks with dogs and/or small children I figured someone who is armed should go have a look-see. I am probably on the SJPD crazy person list myself, but what are you going to do?

Pack it up and go to our Lion-free home, that's what!


  1. Great pictures! I look forward to them every week!

  2. Your first paragraph made me LOL! I love your blog and the photos of the girls always make me smile. Thank you for sharing them with us. I have my own Bella who rides the short bus:)

  3. You cannot compain about rain. In Vancouver, it rains for about 9 months out of the year. Once we counted and it *actually* rainsed for 40 days and 40 night. A week or two of rain won't make you Californians melt, will it? ;-)

    Congrats on the new camera. Your photos of Zamora were awesome as well.

  4. Hi 2halves;
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  5. I'm with the Border Collies- after getting only one inch of rain in January, please, please don't wish for the rain to go away! I don't like having to clean off soggy border collie puppy any more than the next person, but we're looking at a third year of drought.

    So, now that i have that panicky part out of the way, great pictures, nice to have found a BC-oriented blog that is from the West Coast. =) Also, can't believe I missed the trial event in Zamora, as it is practically in my back yard. Urg!

  6. They look like tired and very content dogs. Lucky hounds!

  7. wow those pictures are just way too cute. i love them.. looks so sleepy and relaxed

  8. Love the sleepy dog images. My, how they resonate here!