Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Down For The Count

Poor Bella is the only being in the house that has not had some sort of injury in the past week. All other humans and canines have been limpy, gimpy and how. It is bordering on ridiculous, really. Kate has some lumpy, cysty, abscessy thing on her foot. Hoping it's not a foxtail. She is on antibiotics and getting regular soaks. She is not at all thrilled with the latter.

I have tried explaining that there are people who would pay big bucks for a foot soak and massage while being hand fed salmon. She isn't buying it.

Matter of fact, she is quite over the whole thing and wishes someone would just a ball forchistssake. Three working legs is good enough for her. Unfortunately, it's not good enough for me.

I did take them to the park on Sunday when Kate wasn't so gimpy. No ball throwing though. Just airing out. I don't know what's worse...staying at home or going to the DP with no ball action. There was a lot of this...

Which is staring at this...

And see the look of irritation? "What? All my bits are working. Throw it already!"

Ugh, maybe next week will be better? Please?


  1. Kate probably doesn't want to know that she looks rather cat like in that 3rd pic. Perhaps that's why she fails to appreciate the foot soak. That whole "cat+water=not good" thing.

    Hope her foot is better soon so they can both get some ball action.

  2. Man, what luck?! Roxy would be sly enough to put a sticker in her foot if she thought she coulp possibly get MORE attention and hand-fed salmon. Good luck with the healing process! :)