Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Threading The Needle

One of my biggest concerns at the DP is the risk of collisions. I mostly worry about other dogs becoming speed bumps or moving brick walls because the girls don't really watch where they are going. I don't, however, spend a lot of time worrying about them running into each other. They sooo have that figured out.

Now, Kate always turn the same way. Bella flip flops depending on how close Kate is to her and at what precise angle I happen to throw at (this can very greatly depending on whether or not I have the camera and which lens is on it)

Ooohh, she picked the camera up. I think she might throw it.

There it goes!


And this is why I don't have collision issues. Kate is much faster. She also doesn't think. She just goes. Bella knows that 80% of the time Kate will over-run, under-run, run in the wrong direction and/or just plain miss the ball and she'll end up with it anyway. See Bella slowing down and watching the ball? She Kate still running full speed in the wrong direction with no idea where the ball is? Haha, poor Kate.


  1. OMG - your pictures are FABULOUS!! But your dogs need to come teach my dogs how to "thread the needle" kay?

  2. Love the picture sequence in this one! Wow! It's hard to tell where one dog begins!