Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Satellite Dog

Is that the gate I hear?

Meh, no biggie, just Satellite Dog

Mostly in proper orbit position

Which would be about a 20-25 foot diameter orbit path

That circle is Bella's Ring Of No. The first time you cross it, you get a glance, much like a librarian looking over half glasses.

If you cross it again, you get the head up, moving fast, I-was-not-kidding-don't-make-me-come-over-there look.

I don't know why dogs take Bella so seriously, but they do. I mean, would you heed a warning from this?

And Satellite Dog is Hanna, a young, respectful and mighty cute BC.

And, just 'cause it's funny...


  1. Great photo's especially that last one, that is too funny! lol

  2. Ok, that bucket shot is just too funny! I think milk came outta my nose from laughing! :-D

  3. What IS that? An alligator defending her lair?

  4. I like the librarian look. Very effective. I don't think my dog has a Ring of No, but she does have a "Back Off, Bud" look that works pretty well.

  5. Okay that last photo cracked me up!! HAHAHAHAHA