Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back In Action

The Odd One has been healed. No foxtail, so that was good. Official diagnosis: "Um, well, she did something to her foot." Haha. Thanks for that. She is definitely feeling the need to make up for lost time.
I love, Love, LOVE photographing this dog! Why? Well, it's not because she's springy...
Or has trouble controlling her lips...No, no, and not the missing of the ball when it is literally in your face...It's not even the fact that she has the nervous system of a cephalopod...

It's because I know that just around the shutter clicking corner is this...
HAHA....I totally should have called her FAiL


And in other news, The Brown One and I have a trial this weekend. Wish us luck!


  1. I don't like dogs, but I like photography. You must be a professional photographer. What camera do you use?

  2. In what are you competing this time? Good luck.

  3. Far from a professional, but thanks! I shoot with a Nikon D70.


    CPE agility trial this weekend!

  4. Good luck! Have fun at the trial! Take pictures!

  5. I very much enjoyed looking at your blog, what wonderful dogs! You can tell how much you really enjoy them and can see how much they in turn, enjoy life. I, myself couldnt live without a dog and thanfully, never have. Enjoy the day.