Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Kate Whisperer

(Someone's been watching Nat Geo!)

If you are going to take on the responsibility of having a Kate in your home, you must be sure the Kate knows who the leader is. You can start with simple domination techniques.
Oh sure, she's going to act like she doesn't care. What she is really doing is challenging your leadership. You may need to move on to more drastic measures. See that? I'm just using my paw to bite her like her mom did. Just really quick. Not hurting her, I swear.
If she continues to challenge (ignore), you need to put her on the ground.
She may struggle. It's OK. That's what we want to see. She is just releasing all that negative energy (napping).

And, see, what you end up with is a calm, submissive dog (who still ignores you).

Anybody else wanna get whispered?


  1. brilliant. next you need to teach bella to strap kate to a treadmill for some exercise.

  2. Hi there! Just discovered your blog recently and have become a fan! I love the "Kate Whisperer" ... awesome photos and captions!

  3. Hah! That is brilliant.