Monday, May 5, 2008

More "Firsts"

We had our first USDAA trial this weekend. Bella had her first: USDAA Q, USDAA 1st, weaves in a trial, teeter in a trial, sister at the trial with her. They all went well. Well, as well as can be expected. :-)

We had 3 Q's, 1 first, 2 seconds and a third. She was weaving like a seasoned champ. First time on the teeter resulted in a fly-off, but it was an OK one in my book. The teeter was about 4 inches above the ground when she decided she had been on it long enough. Ha! That's OK. Better than leaving because of fear. All other screw ups were totally me-based. Meh. I figure since I'm the one paying all the bills it's my right to blow a front cross if I so choose. So there.

And I have to mention Kate. She did nothing all weekend and that's the best news yet. She was such a trooper. Not so much as a whine when I took Bella out to run. Just hung out like a champ. And since her just being cool is much more of an accomplishment than Bella getting though a Jumpers course, this post is for Kate, my almost normal dog. Love ya', Lump!

Why the long face?

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  1. Yay! Way to go, Bella *and* Kate!