Sunday, May 25, 2014

We staycationed and no one cared

Does this look like a couple of dogs glad to be out and about? 


Enjoying our national parks? I mean, who doesn't love to go to Hollister? 


Maybe rather be at home in bed? 


Pinnacles was not their thing. Wasn't hot, but activities there with dogs in tow are very limited. I was surprised at how many campers had dogs. Do you just stay at your camp site all weekend since they can't be left unattended? That doesn't sound like much fun.


Every time I look at something like this I think about those nutty people coming out this way in wagons. What a crazy trip that must have been! 


I would have stayed in Kansas.


  1. I know that we have a lot of great places that we can take our dogs. I even bought a book of them for our area, but we still stick close to home most of the time, because it's easier and because not everyone with a dog is very responsible.

    I would love to go to a place like this. Did you get any hiking in?

    1. No hiking as the dogs are not allowed in undeveloped areas at this park. Pretty typical for the national parks, I think. Would love to go back without them, though. Very cool place!