Monday, May 26, 2014

Much better!

When all else fails, go to the dump Oyster Bay! 

 Freedom and a ball makes for much happier collie-types. 


I wish we could move all the east bay parks to the south bay. I get a little tired of driving, but the smiles are worth it. 


Freedom shouldn't be a novelty for anyone. Fuzzy short folk included. 


It is just a spectacular day. Feels very summer-y and vacation-y out. So many families out biking and walking this morning. I was really surprised that Oyster Bay was pretty empty. Maybe people were sleeping in today? 


Not complaining, though. The girls had a great time. It’s a little sad that it doesn't take as much to tucker them out anymore. Kinda nice, I suppose, just a…sign…you know? They used to do what we did today for hours and be completely fine. Now? Forty five minutes to an hour and we’re good to go. Of course it doesn't help that Kate is a total fatty right now. First time ever she weighs the same as Bella. Exactly the same, actually, which is weird in itself. They were both 34.2 at the vet last week. That’s an OK Bella weight. Kate? Holy cow! Literally…cow. That’s like 3 pounds heavier than normal. Not sure where that came from? The tricks class maybe? Maybe she is at that age where she doesn't need as much kib? 

Kate is on her first ever diet. Looks like a tick. 


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