Friday, January 10, 2014

Will they be like this from now on?

Ugh. Bella has never been a fan of the vet. The dog who will willingly make out with everyone she meets has been suspicious of lab-coated folks since she was a baby. This time, though? Oh man. This was the first time she has been back since her lump removal surgery and it was beyond just I-don't-want-to-be-here. Just full-blown panic. Normally, she has ants in her pants and clearly would rather be doing something else, but can be talked into standing still long enough with food. This time she wasn't having any of it. Took three of us to hold her long enough to get an ear swab. It was like trying to wrangle a buffalo.

She will be 11 in February and in those almost 11 years I have never had to clean her ears or have her anal glands done and now we had to do both. Heiny glands were "really full" and she has a bit of a yeast infection going on in her right ear. Her new lump is just another fatty one, so yay for that.

The tech was talking to me about her ear drops. Six drops in each ear? She's going to hate me for the next ten days. When they brought her out she looked like her head had been dunked in oil. They probably went through a whole bottle trying to get six drops to actually go in her ear. I'm glad I didn't waste time bathing her last week. She is bringing the Jheri curl back! I picture the dogs beds in the house having little grease spots like the couches in Coming To America.

Eleven years and no dental yet, though. The whites are still pearly!


  1. My border collie also flips the freak out at ear drops. Poor Bella. Poor you. Hope you both make it through the next 10 days. ;o)

    Secret also had to get her anal glands expressed at her last appointment -- and it was also her first time for that. That went surprisingly well, considering. Maybe the 2nd time won't be so easy now that she knows what's coming. lol

  2. Poor thing. I had to spend the first two weeks after adopting Pallo putting drops in his ears twice a day. It involved a muzzle and basically sitting on top of him to get it done. Luckily, we both survived it and he forgave me. He still doesn't trust the vet, though.

  3. I took Allie to the Vet for her annual checkup the other day. We're trying again next week, with drugs :(. It's a good thing she's cute.