Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow shoes

The longest hair on her body.

Makes no sense, yes? Why would her foot hair be of a braid-able length? Sort of a waste in CA. 

And, no, I will not trim it. :)


  1. The only reason I trim the toe hairs is because we have hard wood for 1/2 the main floor. I didn't use to trim the toe hairs, but after watching the end of this rehab vet's talk on helping old dogs with their balance, I changed my mind. I was amazed at how much better our old dogs do without the toe fluff. If you just have carpet there's no reason to trim, but slick surfaces and between the toe hair is not the best mix.

    I'm still trying to figure out why a dog with almost no coat (she's pink when she's damp) grows 12 inches of tail fringe, so ridiculously cute toe hairs seem completely within the "normal" range for dogs.

  2. Our border collie's foot hair is becoming seriously rediculous. I may have to trim it, we have poured concrete floors and it makes it so hard for her to do anything but skate around like it is ice!

  3. We trim toe hairs on our senior border collie and handicapped pomeranian because they truly need to contact hard surfaces with those paw pads for stability- her feet are SO CUTE though <3