Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Moving on up

Kate has always been somewhat of a shadow to Bella. She has really thought of Bella as the bee’s knees since day one. As they age, though? Clingy! 

Background Kate…  

Has turned into Growth Kate  

New rule: must be touching Bella while bully sticking! Check! 

And, the dog who is so into her routines has decided that she kind of likes sleeping on Bella’s bed now, too. I am not sure why Kate has decided now is the time to end her 8.5 year rut. It’s cute, but also a bit troublesome. Kate’s Rainman routine has made it easy to control the spay incontinence. She hasn’t had an accident in ages and is well controlled by meds, but it does also put my anal retentive mind at ease knowing she is always sleeping on her pee-padded bed. Now? 

 The Great Wanderer. 

Bella does not find it as amusing  

Really just going to let her lie right there?  

She stayed right there all night. She will occasionally come up for a cuddle or a panic if she hears something weird, but only lasts about ten minutes before deciding she needs to get back to her spot. She just hunkered right on down. All please with herself, too. I guess she likes the view.

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