Thursday, January 9, 2014

Change and the wrong kind of growth

So much going on. I know we are only a week in, but so far 2014 is already kicking 2013's ass. As a general rule, I try to avoid career-limiting behavior like talking about my job on the interwebs, so I will just say, wow and yay! I am not normally a fan of change. I may have mentioned that. That is one of the things that Kate and I have in common, we are both prone to bouts of "Uh-oh, fifteen minutes to Wapner!" So the fact that sooooo much is going on and I don't have hives must mean we are in a "meant to happen" phase. I am very big on gut feelings. Whenever I have a big decision to make I do a ton of research, I make lists, I go over pros and cons, etc. But, in the end, it's really about a gut feeling. I know I have put the time and thought in so if I still feel weird about it I figure that's just some clue that it's not the right time, place, situation, whatever. When I don't feel weird about something it is just plain awesome! Right now, there is so much going on and I just feel calm, settled. It's odd to not be worried about anything. I hope it lasts for a bit.

Bella is off to the vet this afternoon for the six-month old lady check. She has one new lump to have looked at and has been really itchy. I am thinking that it is environmental. I have been having unusual sinus stuff going on, too. Lack of rain, me thinks. We have been so dry. The whole state is just...dusty.

I am not looking forward to seeing her, weight, though. They are both so fat right now. Kate was the heaviest she has ever been. Which is weird for a dog that has historically been hard to keep weight on. Bella is normally 33-34, I would not be shocked if she is 37. I guess that is part of getting old, too, yeah? It started back in March when they got sick while being boarded. I put them on kelp to help them get some weight back on and I guess I kept them on it too long. I have been unable to get them back down again. They are both eating less than a cup a day. Do we have to start counting kibbles?


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