Monday, July 29, 2013

All Good

Kate is doing well. Getting back to normal. As normal as Kate can be, anyway.
She still sees dead people, so that’s good.
And, hey, if I’m being honest, she wasn’t all there to begin with so what’s a few racing stripes of missing hair on her back?
Bella is totally over the whole thing and wishes that I would just shut my pie hole about it, already.
It has been an adjustment in the mornings as we are not going back to that park since the lovely owners of that shepherd insist that their dog is not an issue and they will not stop bringing her to the park, thankyouverymuch.
We all hate change. Disrupted routines are a pain, but it will all be normal again soon.
I never got around to trial talk from a few weeks ago, either. We only did one day. I was going to skip that trial all together, but I cannot pass up two gambles and a snooker all in one day. Bella was having a blast. Ran really well. I wish we could have entire weekends that were nothing but jackpot and snooker. Loves me some games! Well, except colors. Colors is just stupid. But, I really love the thinking, planning and timing. You can keep your stupid standard courses with their just-do-what-you’re-told mess. Boo.
The bestest part of the trial was Emmy’s birthday. Trying to get everyone looking in the same direction was hysterical. This is so much easier with a picnic table!
Oh sure, I finally get the blind dogs attention and lose everyone else!
Do I know you?
And my little brown photobomber!
Every pic of Willie has at least one brown ear in it.
What? I'm funny.


  1. *PS: great pics Like it! ;)

  2. Wow, Kate and Bella are beautiful! I'm sorry to hear about the incident at the park, but it looks like the girls are doing very well. :)

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  3. very nice blog, happy &healthy looking dogs!