Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Since The Dog Park Incident of 2013, we have resorted to law breaking. We are hanging out in the mornings at the non-dog park end of the same park. Out of eyesight, out of earshot. Mornings are peaceful. Running the grass greatly preferred.
Faces of criminals
As far as I can tell Animal Control is not up at 6AM. The lady who cleans the park bathroom is, though. She’s cool with our law breaking. We helped her pick up a bunch of garbage one morning that some jackass had left behind. Who cleans out their car at a public park and dumps stuff in the parking lot that is 10 feet from a garbage can? Eh, anyway, if you happen to have a dog that will help by picking newspaper up cleaning ladies will totally ignore the fact that it is happening off-leash.
We occasionally have to dodge sprinklers. Those huge park soaking sprinklers? The kind that will lift a Kate off the ground if she is standing over one when it comes on. We know this from personal experience.
Sparkling clean underparts
And on a non-dog related note, I am not one to be bothered by age. I’m 43, who gives a shit? I do, however, find it weird when I am reminded of my age. Maybe because it’s not something I generally think about. Perhaps because I don’t have kids I don’t have that constant generation gap reminder? Anywho, I have a 21 year old working for me. We spent a good portion of yesterday cleaning out an old computer junk cabinet. Let me just say there were lots of 5-1/4” floppy disks and I totally work for a hoarder. I actually found Lotus 1-2-3 disks…?!?! 
Anyway, while we are toss, toss, tossing, he holds up a stack of color slides and says, “What are these?” I look at him with a combination of shock and horror and wait for a smile.
“What? … Wait…. Really? You don’t know what those are?”
There is a tremendous amount of kidding around that goes on and I was unsure, hoping actually, that my leg was being pulled. Wasn’t. He had never seen a slide. Never used a film camera.
Holy shitballs! I mean, I have a dog that has used a film camera.
Just, wow.


  1. Uh. Wow. I'm 26 and know what floppy discs, slides, and film all look like. I also have no more idea of how a floppy disc worked than I do as to how current CDs and USB drives work- which is to say, equally ignorant of both processes.

  2. I often work with children, and about 15 years ago, they were absolutely fascinated by my record player. "I know what that is," said one young boy. "My dad has one to listen to old music on." Nowadays the babies are riveted by my CD player (I'm guessing iPod docks don't have so many buttons and switches).

    Good luck with the covert ball play! If you're out of sight of the street, it's doubtful AC will come around; only if there's a complaint. For several months we played covert ball in the local baseball field; my DH worried we would be spotted, but never were.