Monday, July 8, 2013


What’s happening, y’all? I know, been slacking in the blogging department. Been slacking in lots of departments, though, so don’t feel bad. I have just been in one of those “if you don’t have something good to say don’t say anything at all” periods. Work has been hellish and whoever said that change is good is a total tool and can just suck it. Problems, however, are being worked on. Fixes are in motion. I am trying to stay positive.
Also, pretty much everyone on the west coast who blogs has said exactly what I would have said in the past two weeks, so why repeat? It has been miserably hot and the Fourth of July sucks if you have dogs.
I just repeated. My bad.
One thing that gets highlighted when I go through a not so stellar time is how damn awesome my dogs are. Some days those little faces may be the only smile producing thing around. Even if one of thinks she is soooo funny.
Just stop at the pivot and waaaaaiiiiiitttt for the tip. Two nails in. Dog sarcasm.
This one not full of herself
Can you imagine the highlight of your day being something thrown at your head?
It makes them so happy!
I want to try it at work. Maybe not with a holey roller. Donuts? Cans of beer? Roll of quarters?
I have long said we need nerf bats around here. Put them in cases next to each fire extinguisher. A good way to work some of that stress out. I also bet two grown people could not swing nerf bats at each other for too long before it became just funny. Stupidity highlighted and dispersed.
I also managed to get out the house and do something different this weekend. Went to the Oakland Zoo for the first time. Cute little zoo up in the Oakland Hills. Went on the 4th. Still hot. Really hot.
Sun bears do not care for sun.
Too hot to do much more than just hang out. Literally.
While it is a nice zoo, it is a small zoo. Because of size constraints, they don’t use a whole lot of open exhibits. Not a lot of moat action going on. Because of this, not much a photographer’s zoo because…
Look! Fruit bats!
And glassy sad-faced Chimps.
The three girls were moated in, though.
Lots of doing anything to cool off
Water catcher
Home-made shade cloth
Do they not have the best faces? Gah!
Oddly enough, my two favorite pics from the zoo are ones I could have gotten at home
Phoebe bokeh
And McFly!


  1. Those faces would make any buddy smile. Mom loves the zoo
    Benny & Lily

  2. Very nice photos. I love your nerf bat idea. I'd incorporate that here with the teens, but I really am afraid they'd break something.