Sunday, July 14, 2013

14 on the 14th and 10 on Tuesday

Miss Kate will join the double-digit club on Tuesday.
Totally shocked that she made it this far. :-)
And Miss Emmy is 14 today!
One - Four
She is such an awesome dog! I am obviously not a Dal person, but if someone could guarantee that the puppy would end up just like Em I would take one in a second.
Perhaps minus the glaucoma.
Even blind, she is a total badass, roll with the punches girl.
If she were a human she would totally smoke Camels and play roller derby.
She enjoyed a wide variety of probably-shouldn't-be-eating-that treats and got an old-lady massage
Here's to as many more as you can give us, Em. There are lots more puppies that need to be told off.
Happy Birthday, girl!


  1. I knew an awesome Dal years ago and feel the same way. Guarantee me one like Lancelot and I'd take one in a heartbeat! Maybe Em is Lance reincarnated? Maybe Lance/Em will come back as another one? Do we dare take the chance?

  2. Awww. Happy birthday, old girl. Here's to many more!