Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pictures That Move

I rarely buy vids anymore.  Getting cheaper as I get older, perhaps?  Last weekend, though?  Eh, why not?

It's so funny how Bella is always looking, looking, looking.  I am always behind in telling her where to go.  With jumps anyway.  Bella's commitment point is about an inch and a half away.  She has never knocked a bar, but has crashed 3 jumps reacting to my bad timing.  No thanks.  So, if it makes me comfortable to be a bit late and let her finish what she's doing.  OK. 
Maybe I'll actually train the next dog.  :-)

This Snooker looked great on paper for a 3 sevens run.  IRL?  Holy cow!  So much real estate.  That is some spread out shiz!  We opted for 5-7-7 instead.

And she is always looking, looking, looking...until she isn't.  Oh, now you want to pay attention to where I am?  Under the aframe, Bella, really?  Haha!  Fun run, otherwise.

And stupid Colors.  This should be renamed the Dollar Per Obstacle Class.  Colors now DPOC.  Although, see?  She can actually do a half way decent serpentine when I am where I should be!


  1. Looks like fun! I'm planning to get my Dusty on agility when he's old enough. He's not allowed to jump yet :)

  2. Wonderful, I bet Bella enjoyed herself too.

  3. They are cute one and I think they are having fun a lot.

  4. Amazing, looks great
    thanks for sharing...