Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Very Own BFR

I’ll let you go ahead and figure the BFR out.

Although, as a hint, B is for big and R is for ribbon. Use whatever F you are comfortable with. If you spend Sunday mornings in a building with a pointy roof, maybe you want to go with Big FUN Ribbon.

Not my choice, but I try not to judge.

This thing is ridiculous

I don’t know what to do with it.

A festive hat?


Bella prefers Frisbee

That’s good, clean fun

Or even just chew toy. She really enjoyed the mouth feel of the rosette part

Apart from the ribbon storage issue, we have the naming issue. I already have a Kate. Having a CATE Bella is just weird. I think we are going to go with 5K Bella.

This is not a pic of Kate and CATE Bella. It’s Kate and 5K Bella.

And I am not pointing a gun at them, swear

Although, the chances of it actually happening are slim, a CATE Kate would be awesome.

Bella had 2 weekend highlights and neither of them was our CATE run.

First, since Auntie Marie drove all the way up to cheer us on, they both got rewarded with a FullHouse run. I love watching other people run Bella. She will run for anyone, but tends to get a bit giddy with the novelty of it all. More like Rocking Horse then collie. So funny. They Q’d, too!

Second, she thought her gift from Wendy was Da Bomb! Bella is a little obsessed with skin care products. Lotion, sun screen, makeup, whatev’. If it goes on, she’ll lick it off. So, what did she get for being the good point gathering girl she is?

A selection of lip balms, of course!

We tried to share with Kate

But, being that she is not a connoisseur of All Things Skin Care, she only had this to say…

Bella spent some time coveting

She decided the vanilla was her fav

No, really, FAV

Seriously, she likes it and she ain’t sharing.

I had several people ask me what I was going to do now. Like, this is some sort of end of something. I guess since it wasn’t really a goal to begin with, I am just going to do what we have been doing…go to trials, do our best, have some fun and hope no one breaks anything.

Good girl, 5K, good girl.


  1. Congrats! That is one huge ass ribbon!! Way cool.

  2. Yay Bella! Congrats on your BFR, and I don't mean F=Fun :)

  3. An Award so appealing and richly deserved.

    I loved all the photo's and captured so beautifully for all of us to enjoy.,


  4. The pictures with the lip balm are adorable!

  5. the size of that ribbon, only one "F" word comes to mind, BOL
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S. Is that how you keep your lips so purrfect

  6. That really is one big ribbon.. You're dogs are gorgeous! Great blog!

  7. Well done! - Loved your pictures, my (alas much smaller) ribbons are on display in the kitchen - I don't get to play with them like you did - you really made me smile, love Barnie (a fellow little 4Legs) x

  8. Awesome "BFR."She is wearing it like a boss. I am actually a bit jealous, I have never gotten a ribbon that big. Maybe I should have been a dog...

  9. Tuck the Law Dog asks_-how do you get so much free time?? Have a great day and keep blogging!

  10. Congratulations!
    Thanks for sharing...

  11. This blog gets four paws up from and it's members!

  12. This blog gets four paws up from and it's members!

  13. This blog gets four paws up from and it's members!