Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Agility Hooky. A Post About Nothing, Really

We were supposed to go a triallin’ last Saturday.

Totally did not.

The weather has been weird. No winter all winter then, bam, all of it in a week. Had we planned the whole weekend we probably would have gone. Two hours up and back in one day, though? In this weather? Meh. Two turns into 3, more if there are accidents.

Screw that.

Plus, the weekend before Bella started looking like this…

More couch and less car, please?

No, really, can we go?

We stayed home. Took them for their normal morning run then hit the sack.

All caps LAZY.

Watched season 2 of Downton Abbey in its entirety. No complaints from anyone. I guess we needed it. I actually said to myself…wow, look at the time, I should get ready for bed. That consisted of getting out of bed, brushing my teeth, and getting back in bed. A party house it is not.

The girls will be boarding again over the …long for me…weekend. I don’t normally do resolutions. This year, though? I declare the Year Of The Vacation. Was going to go to Spain this month. I needed the end, they needed the beginning. So, Illinois instead. Perhaps I can get some paella in Chicago and be none the wiser?

I feel much better about boarding them after their good time last summer.


Happy Pants they will be.

This one usually is, anyway.

And how much she uses her toes? Weird.

No wonder she has arthritis. She looks like she thinks she’s going to float away.

And, I didn’t have much prep for this trip. Just needed to get a non-dog windbreaker/rain jacket-y kind of thing. One that doesn’t have a little melted bit on the elbow from possibly standing too close to a propane heater at a trial. Didn’t want to go to REI and spend 200 dollars on 2 dollars’ worth of fabric. My housemate suggested Burlington Coat Factory. Didn’t even know it was there. I have never been to one before. You know what they are in seriously short supply of at Burlington Coat Factory?


Seriously. The coats were tucked away in the farthest corner of the ginormous store and took up about 8% of the floor space. WTF? Time for a name change? Also, they had Members Only jackets.


Really? Do they still make those or have they been hanging there since 1982?

Last bit of randomness for today. Uneasy company.

I know, crappy shot. They were really far away and rude enough to be on the wrong side of the sun. A crow keeping tabs on a Cooper’s Hawk.


  1. Sometimes lazy days are more appealing, especially when the weather can be so adverse.

    Love the photos.

  2. I swear Kate can pull the funniest expressions!

  3. Lovely photos!


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  6. Your cameras have caught some awesome photos i am very glad to see those

  7. Beautiful photos of beautiful dogs! I live with 5 rescued poochies, myself. And I'm also a fan of Downton Abbey. I'll come back and visit again soon. :-)

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