Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She Listens Well

I told Bella on Saturday morning that if she just listened to me during Jacklers she could be an asshole the rest of the day. Apparently, she took me up on it.

Great Jackpot run. Non-traditional. And at that, one of those where you can get points for all completed gambles, not just the first. Did all three. 82 points. Good girl.

Everything else? Crapola.

Yes, I know that’s what I said.

At least the needed run was before the wind kicked up. Really, really kicked up. All those shades put up? Down by 10. Crazy windy.

Like, weight down your Beardie windy.

Bella got all sniffy. Not ground sniffy, air sniffy. Not something she usually does. Not a stress thing for her either. Sillies would be her stress thing. Perhaps also not seeing weave poles. The wind just kicked up some interesting stuff, apparently.
She became a hound.

Scratched last 2 runs. All about the fun, remember? Going around course yelling Heeellllooooo Beeelllllaaaaaa not so much for either of us. Just play some ball. Enjoy the sun. No yelling.

Miss Kate not distracted by smells in wind.

Maybe time to switch dogs?

Then again, maybe not just yet


  1. Oh it's Roger the beardie! He's a hoot. Yes, the wind can do crazy things to a beardie coat. But congrats on your stellar Jackpot run!

  2. I would love to do this sport, one day, maybe...

    Wonderful photos, again.

  3. Oh my...cute pictures..BOL
    Benny & Lily

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  5. I love dogs. They are so cute. I like big dogs the best though.