Friday, March 12, 2010

Not MIA As Much As TAH

That would be Tired As Hell.

This trialing thing, exhausting business. Although, I'm not tired while there, just during the week. Maybe it's work that's draining? Not so much the dog business?

Two weekends down, two to go. Things have been going great. And, by "great" I mean we have been Q'ing fools in Gamblers. Or, Jackpot. Jackpot with the gamble bit it in.

Can we just call it Jacklers and be done with it?

I have always had trouble with Jacklers because my timing sucks. Bella is totally fine with distance stuff. Once again, I'm the weak link. But not now. Total zen gambles. The first thing I stopped was worrying about points. Points will be there. Worry about number of obstacles and ending in a good place and when gamble starts KEEP MOVING. Bam. End of story. That's it.

Well, I do have to worry about where she is pointed and where I'm facing and for gods sake yell weave BEFORE she comes out of the tunnel. It's all good now.

If anyone wants to have a Jacklers seminar with total nobody handler here it is:

Don't stop and stare at your dog.

You're welcome. Please come again.

So, was talking with owner of dirty Beardie heiny in previous post about how neither of us were smart enough to save an easy class for our C-ATCH run. Damn Jacklers. We were joking about how it would be the whole bring-the-pole-out-take-the-pole-back dance for lord knows how many trials. Well, thankfully I was smart enough to be stupid and miscount some Q's. We have one Jackpot and one Fullhouse to go. Keep paws crossed. If she gets her gamble this weekend we will only have one silly class to go!


  1. I just learned how the gambler game works at my last agility class - crazy but fun!

    I also have a tendancy to stop and stare at my dog - she's so fun to watch...

  2. Bella's eyes are all wide and shiny in those photos. She must be super excited and happy.

  3. Jacklers! I like it:)

    My Max needed a Super Q for an ADCh. We got the final one in an over 50 dog 22" class. We ran fairly early and I had to just stand around and watch as the scores were tabulated. We did get it, sixth one, out the nine given out. That one Q finished a Snooker Master, Snooker Championship and ADCH:)

    Good luck this weekend!

  4. you are making us tired just looking at you..
    Benny & Lily

  5. You have a wonderful blog (and wonderful dogs :3 ) Got any tips for someone starting out their own dog blog?

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