Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Not Agility Without An Ugly Red Bedspread

I think the dog-accepting hotel people figured out that this color hides the most dirt. Dog hair? Bodily fluids?

Always cute dogs on fugly beds

Had a great trial this weekend. 8 out of 10 Q’s, for those of you keeping score. The 2 NQ’s were totally my fault. Not dog being a shit NQ, handler being a dummy NQ. Hey, I pay the bills, I can screw up if’n I wanna.

So, for some stupid reason, I have 4 trials in a row. I never do that. Rarely even back to back. But, I wanted to do all 4, so in order to cut some cost I decided to drive up day-of. Have I told you that I did this once before and it was like out worst trial experience ever? I probably did.

I generally go up night before. I do this agility thing for fun. Getting up at 3:30 AM on a Saturday morning soooo not fun. Does make for pretty mornings in the fog, though.

This, however, starts about an hour before the last run

Me and Bella, totally on the same sleep page

Too bad Kate’s not an agility dog. She like a fricking machine, that one. Runs on batteries. Or, perhaps crack. Never tired.

Saturday was rainy, rainy. So, mud all weekend. Was like walking around with 10 lb weights on each shoe.

If you have ever thought to yourself, “I wonder why Pia doesn’t own a Beardie?” This is why…



  1. That last picture made me laugh. Bathtime beckons.

  2. I just love all the pictures! Lovely and amazing :)

  3. Now, as the owner of 2 beardie coats, I'll just say that when they dry, ALL that dirt just falls off. All over your floors. But the dog looks spotless again! ;)

  4. You have such a wonderful site! Your sleepy pup pictures are adorable.

  5. Ha! Kate's eyes look so crazed! Maybe you're onto something with the crack idea...

  6. Love. Love. Love. Your blog.

    That's all I wanted to say!

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  8. I think the dog-accepting hotel people figured out that this color hides the most dirt. Dog hair? Bodily fluids?

    Oh, man -- don't mention hotel linens and "bodily fluids" in the same sentence -- yuck! Just the thought makes me not want to stay in a hotel ever again! :-p (And it's not the doggie guests that would worry me!)

    Great pictures! Lovely dogs. :-)

    (Sorry this is OT but I couldn't find an email for you -- just added you to my blogroll!)

  9. Would love to get my dog into this. Too bad I have to work all the time. Doh.www.thelocalpetstore.com