Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All Done

What a great weekend.

Belly got her C-ATCH – Woot!

We had an 8 for 8 perfect Q weekend – Woot!

And got some raffle swag! Woot!

It was our anniversary trial, too. We started 2 years ago at the Bay Teams' March CPE. Two years, 20 trials. I don’t know how many runs, because my mind doesn’t go there, but if we stay with the 2 theme it’ll probably be another 200 trials before a C-ATE. Haha.

If I were someone who posted videos of myself on the interwebz I would totally share her nice little Fullhouse C-ATCH run. But, alas, I am not one of those people. You’ll just have to use your imagination. She got all silly with the applause and didn’t want to do a vic lap. Just wanted to chew on the pole. :-) Hey, whatev’, if you’re happy munching on PVC knock yourself out. She earned it.

And oddly enough, this is the only outside pic Bella ruined was in all weekend.

Kate was the photogirl

I didn’t have a toy. Was just letting her free-run all weekend. That leads to coveting.

Coveting Luke and any fun he might be having without her

Luke (who you have to call Loooooooooook, BTW) is who we generally stalk at trials. We always run right behind Luke. Totally makes my life easy. Much easier than, say, following a Border Collie or Aussie or Sheltie. He’s not even a Dalmatian. He’s the Dalmatian.

Kate has a thing for the spotty boys



  1. These guys are so beautiful. Love seeing their pictures.

  2. wow sounds like an awesome weekend
    Benny & Lily

  3. Those are really amazing pictures!
    Greetings from Sydney,