Saturday, September 6, 2008

Silver Streak Suckage

So, I have this thing about trial toys. There is, of course, Bella's normal agility-only tug, but I need something else for actual play time. Other Toy needs to be something that can be tugged on, but also thrown should the need arise and the space be available. I came across the Silver Streak. Great! Tuggable and also throwable. Perfect!

Or, not so much.

This thing is an accident waiting to happen. One is quite happily trotting along when...Wham! It wraps you legs up and takes you down!There is also the dangerous flinging. Always seconds away from taking an eye out.Which, of course, one compensates for by protecting ones eyes...


Maybe safer to just drag it around

This totally sucks!

What are you trying to do to us, Lady?


  1. But that toy does make for excellent hilarious photo opportunities! :-)

  2. We have a similar toy that is a leather ball with a rainbow colored ripstop tail. It's called a "foxtail sport" and is not realy a "dog toy" but serves it's purpose. The best is a "Wubba" though. It's like a material octopus and is great for tugging, tossing, fetching and some work in watre too!

  3. Thus proving dogs are smarter than people.

    Love the way Bella idiot-proofed the toy by dragging it around!

  4. Woof, Pups,

    Border Collies, we love Border Collies. Our cousin Scout is a Border Collie. He's a pain in the ass sometimes but he's just a pup. But we love him anyway. Desert Pups here just stopping by and saying woof.

    Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life inside the fence

  5. My BC-girlies LOVE their trial toys, too :)

    There's the flying squirrel, which is great for tugging and for throwing (unless you're ME, I suck at throwing the FS).

    Kong frisbees are also great for both tugging & throwing (though they don't float and that annoys me).

    The best, I think, is the "easy glider" that you can get at CleanRun. It's the cat's meow!!