Monday, September 15, 2008

This Post Intentionally Left Blank

Do you see me shaking and biting my nails? Yes? That would be me going through internet withdrawals. My landlord/roommate/killer of internet switched from one Big Phone-Internet-Cable Conglomerate to another Big Phone-Internet-Cable Conglomerate. BPICC #2 jacked up my internet connection from BPICC #1.

I got home on Friday and I was all...That soon turned to...
Once I realized that bitching and moaning wasn't going to solve the problem, I got all...

So, hopefully BPICC #1 will straighten this crap out today and I can share "herding" photos with you later.

And, FYI, those are not inappropriate quotation marks, 'cause my dogs aren't herding shit at this point. It's more like circle, circle, circle, bark, bark, bark, with an occasional ass chomp thrown in for good measure.


  1. No internets?! I would call into the fetal position and beg for death!

    I hope you get it back soon. :) I've been there before and the land of no internets in no fun!

  2. REALLY sorry about the internet. I would be going through withdrawal ...

    My girl also used to do the same with sheep but also threw in some occasional neck chomps to go with the butt chomps.

    Used to look like she had rabies with all the wool stuck in her teeth

  3. I just went through this with my stupid BPICC. I was not happy. Hope it all gets figured out soon.