Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Say It With Me Now....Weeeee!

Let me start by pre-apologizing for the crappy pic quality. Not only do we have the marine layer to deal with, but also a shit-load of dust since my dogs are tearing around like nut jobs. Horrible, horrible lighting.

We started taking herding lessons. Apart from being an incredible amount of fun it is also thought provoking. It is totally amazing how different they are on sheep. Bella acts like a complete nutter and Kate is, dare I say, ballsy. It's very weird. The Bellinator is a barking machine. To the point of being irritating. Kate is only barking when she gets too close. Our instructor said what Kate is doing is totally normal. I don't really care what Kate is doing, I am shocked that someone said "Kate" and "normal" in the same sentence!

You will oft hear working folks talk about how it's the work that defines the breed. The fact that your dog "herds" the cat, or other dogs, or a tennis ball does not mean it can/will/would show any talent on sheep. I can now concur on a seen-it-with-my-own-eyes level.

Let's see that in pictures, shall we?

Bella on squeaky ball
Bella on sheep Ball SheepBall
SHEEP!WTF, right? Haha!
And then we have Kate, who, apart from her tail looking like that of a scared cat, actually looks more dog-like.

SheepOK, OK, she does have an overload moment to two, but still... And then we have the pro

More to come! Hopefully from a sunnier Sunday!


  1. Weeeee!

    Love the comparison pics and captions! You had me chuckling loud enough that my snoozing dogs woke up to investigate me and my goings on, only for them to discover that I was laughing at that darned LCD screen again.

  2. I'm dyin' here. That teeth shot is hysterical!

  3. It's amazing how they transform to nothing you'd imagine! How awesome that you were able to capture that on film!

  4. I LOVE this post! How cool that you guys are taking lessons. It's a blast, huh?


  5. Yay! Sheeping! I actually like the lighting of the working photos - it's nice and dramatic!