Thursday, January 31, 2013

Monthly Macro

So, after complaining about not wanting to have a photo project that was too consuming, I ended up with two.
Because I always make so much sense.
Or not.
Project One will be a monthly macro. 12 bugs. Hopefully 12 different bugs.
I really like doing macro stuffs, but it's not as easy or off-the-cuff as, say, just shooting the dogs while we are out hiking. You need to think and plan and not drink too much coffee before. It's also easy to get stuck with the pollinators since they are the easiest to deal with. They are everywhere so easy to find. They also tend to stay in one place for a while and don't run off. I am hoping that having a project will motivate me a bit. Maybe even find some springtails before the year is out.
January, though? Sorry, boring honey bee.
1/12 - Jan Bug
Project Two is a canine version of a Big Year. Try to photograph as many different breeds and/or dog sports as you can. k-Koira has started a flickr group and y'all are welcome to join us...


  1. Looking forward to seeing your photo projects!

  2. Still a pretty honey bee
    Benny & Lily