Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Goofy Old Ladies

These pictures are awful. Still love them though. ‘Tis a rare occurrence. Even rarer to have some sort of evidence.
Bella being a goof.
She was never really silly, even as a puppy. She would play with another dog occasionally if at home and there was only one other dog, never interested in dog-dog playtime outside of the house, though.
She’s people person.
And, oddly enough, she seems to get the zoomies in the same place at Sunol. There are tree patches, but mostly looks like this…
But just past where we normally meet the cows Bella becomes a free spirit.
So free, in fact, that she ignores my pleas to please be cute on the other side of the trail so the sun is behind me?
In typical Kate fashion, it never occurs to her to get Bell to play, but if Bella takes the lead? It’s totally on, sister!
The arm!
The sideways glances!
Bella with a puffy cat tail!
So fun to watch! Silly old ladies.
Once they are done? Sure, now you go on the other side. Typ.
And, because I am dog free this evening because I am headed to the airport in the morning and so bored, super random list of shit….
  1.  Thanks to Anon super hero commenter for tipping me off to the content thief. Someone was literally copy/pasting entire posts and just replacing my references to Kate and Bella with her own (alleged) dogs names. Weird, right? No attempt at all to hide the stealing. I guess the she doesn’t really get the point of blogging? That leads to me to 2
  2. folks are on the ball. That shit got pulled less than 2 hours after my email to them. Thanks bunches! 
  3. Sorry for enabling comment moderation. I really hate it, but have been getting a shit load of spam lately and not just the usual dog-beds-for-sale crap, like lots of porn stuff. Which is weird on so many levels.
  4. is a damn genius
  5. If you call me and ask for help and I tell you I am super busy and will come help you in 25 minutes, getting up from your desk and walking to mine is not going to help anyone. Nor will it free up my time. We will just both be really uncomfortable when I tell you to go away. These are usually the same people who email you and then call you to tell you they sent you an email. 
  6.  Tail-gaiting does not make someone go faster. Like, ever. 
  7. It’s weird to not have to go straight home after work to feed and/or potty dogs. And, not in a good way. I will also not have Bella’s butt on my ear tonight. :(


  1. You got the moves!! A night with out the furry ones is fun mom said. That's just wrong!
    Benny & Lily

  2. Dogs getting the zoomies is the cutest thing!

  3. That's a great post - thanks for sharing.

  4. I love dogs.. indeed man's bestfriend!