Monday, April 16, 2012

Yes, I Still Have Dogs

And I actually took some pics of them this weekend. Not many, mind you, but enough to prove that they still exist.

We had lovely weather this weekend. Sunday we up to Oyster Bay - the former dump turned dog walking gem. I don’t go there that often and I have either gone before when it’s been dry or it has been settling into being “natural” again after all the dirt moving of the last few years.

Here it is in Nov of 2010


(the Oakland airport is just off to the right – that plane is not crashing - haha)

Now? All green and bushy! Looks so much better. I was worried about ticks. Not a one!


I still don’t get the, um…art?...on the top of the hill.
Bella does not, either.


I mean, it’s a dump. Sure, clean it up, move some dirt around, plant some stuff, maintain some trails. Should be good, yeah? Did we need to spend the money on the giant pick up sticks?

Kate doesn’t normally care for posing. Usually more like a mug shot. She does, however, like sitting on a rock with goose poop.

Kate w/poop

It’s so close!

Don't you dare!

The green brings the bugs. Holy cow, they were thick!

Anna’s male trying to decide if his eyes are too big for his stomach.

Anna's w/bug

Hard to creep around him to find the sweet spot for the shot of color without scaring him off.
There is it!

Anna's w/bug

And, a juvie Cooper’s Hawk who thought keeping an eye on Kate was more important than keeping one on me

Juvenile Cooper's Hawk (?)

I love the pine needle bokeh in that shot. It sort of reminds me of those Catholic candles that always have that starburst thing behind whoever is printed on it.



  1. Pawesome bird pics! We've been to that Oyster Bay park. We remember those planes looking like they're going to land on the water. Bol.

    Lots of licks,
    Swisher and Oakley

  2. My husband and I also have two dogs and we just recently got into bird watching. We have tried taking good pictures of the birds we see, but so far they aren't too terribly great. I guess we just have more practicing to do!

  3. Beautiful shots!

  4. Cool dogs!!
    What breed is this one? Well, whatever it is, He's so cute. And the photos are amazing too.

  5. Wow, those are some ver nice shots. Hummingbirds are really hard to shoot.

    Bella, however, seems a bit oblivious. ;)

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  7. wow looks like fun i allwas wanted to be in one ove those!you gys look great you shold post a vid!do you travel the world on tours? I WONT TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!111! HOPE ur having lots ove fun ttyl gtg