Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maybe It's The Shampoo?

‘Cause every time I bathe her, the hind parts keep getting grayer and grayer. It can’t possibly be because she is aging. Nope. Not getting older. Ain’t tryin’ to hear that.


She ain’t hearing that, either. Possibly tired of me talking about it? DSC_2856

She has the best judge’y face, though. Reminds me of the Geico commercial…

“Ew. Seriously? So gross.”

We went lure coursing this weekend. I decided to try running Kate by herself. When we first started, she wouldn’t run alone. Would go about a third of the way around and decide she was too far away and come back. No issues running with Bella, though. The last 3 or so times we have been I could see that she was more on the lure than just running with Bella. She struggled with whether to leave Bella in the dust and go after the plastic or stay with her sister. She usually stayed.

She did great on her own!  She was actually more into in it.

Sans Bella, Kate ran 28 mph!

I’m old lady fast!

Now, when I'm driving and I hit 28 I look out the window and think that's it's weird that Kate could be *right there* right now. 

Apparently, all these years Bella has not been the supportive sister, the rock, the teacher.

She has been holding her back. Enabling her. A ball and chain, if you will.

Say what?

It's OK, Bell, you're still the best brown dog.


  1. Hilarious! And wow that's fast!!! I want to try lure coursing with Puck, I think he'd have a blast (but not be very fast).

  2. 28mph - that is super fast, old lady or not!

    is lure coursing best for dogs that are reliable off leash? I have these visions of my shiba inu running off in the opposite direction of the lure course...

  3. "is lure coursing best for dogs that are reliable off leash?"

    Depends on whether the field is fenced or not! Haha! All they need is a tiny bit of prey drive. If they'll chase a real bunny, they'll chase a plastic one! Some need some encouragement that, yes, it actually is OK to run after it. I've only seen one dog who was totally not interested even after being encouraged.

    It really is crack for dogs. In a good way.

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  5. Came across your blog for the first time today. Great photos!

    (Also loved your post about the religious flyer. Toddlers scritchin' lions. That's some hilarious stuff.) :)


  6. Cool! I have been a loyal fan... I love your blog! :P

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  9. HI! I just read your blog, and it was fun reading. I like your photos with your dog as the model. hehehe
    Thanks for the post. =)

  10. I admire what you've got accomplished here.

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