Friday, February 24, 2012

Where Does The Time Go?

Nine!  Can't believe she's nine.  Seems like not that long ago that she was too small to tackle stairs on her own.

Bella has never been big on playing with other dogs.  Would much rather do something with a person.  Unless she is at home and no one else is around.  Home is for wrestling.  Outside?  Not so much.  You need to be ready for anything.  Someone my need you to do something important like bring a ball back.

When we lived in AZ, she had a wrestling buddy.  This is Oscar.

He was about 10 or 11 months old here.  And although non-dog people were generally afraid of him, he was the biggest wimp ever.  He is an American Bulldog.  People were constantly asking if he was a pitbull.  People would actually cross the street when they saw him.  So funny.  Yeah, he was so tough that he let people break into his house and steal a bunch of his mom's shit while he hid in the bedroom.

So much for protection.

At the dogpark they would ignore each other.  At home?  Game on!

My downstairs neighbors must have hated me.

When Oscar would need to take a breather, he would pin Bella to the back of the couch so he could catch his breath.

That was the only time he ever used his bulk to his advantage.

Bella's sorry attempt as escape.  Note that the foot on his chest is her back one!

Bella has never really been silly and as much as I love old, settled dogs, I do sometimes miss the exuberance of youth.  Not the actually puppy-puppy time, 'cause who misses chewing and house-breaking, but that teen time when they are eager to absorb and things are still new and their bodies look all oddly put together.

Eh, we will just enjoy wisdom we have.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it, yes?

So, a Happy Birthday to the bestest dog ever.
She gets to do agility tonight. 
Would probably rather have cake.

ETA:  Is is sad or funny that Bella gets more birthdays emails than I do?



  1. Happy Birthday Bella!

    From Summer and Bijou

  2. Happy Birthday Bella - I love that last photo - she looks so wise and content. I hope she gets her cake...and gets to eat it too...

  3. Happy birthday to Bella!

  4. Happy Birthday Bella. Best wishes for the next year.

    She was the cutest puppy.

  5. Belated Birthday Greetings, Bella.

    Love from Kirra -x-

  6. Happy 9th Birthday!

    Hope you had a great day!

    Lots of licks,
    Swisher and Oakley

  7. Interesting the way pets have their own personalities so different from the way they look.

  8. Happy birthday Bella. I also have have a soon-to-be nine-yr- old. She's still like a dog half her age so I'm waiting for sense and wisdom to kick in :-)