Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Calm Before The Storm

This past weekend was one of the last “off” weekends before our spring trialing ridiculousness starts. Do other venues do this? Just a CPE thing? Northern CA CPE thing?

We can go 6-8 weeks with nothing, then… BAM … 87 trials in a row. OK. Maybe 4 or 5 in row. Still, that’s a lot of back to back shiz.

Kate was oddly relaxed this weekend.


She is the kind of dog that has perpetual ants in the pants. You recall Tyrone Biggums? Dave Chappelle’s crack head character? That’s what Kate is like.

She has that sort of Malinois-ish….JRT-y…kind of energy. Jittery. She would be that person at your office who is constantly tapping their desk with a pen.

Not this weekend, though. It was really nice, but at the same time, makes me worry.

Hi, you, with nice, soft, round eyes.


You’re not dying are you?

Nope. Just chillin!


The Belly Bean was pretty relaxed, too.


Too relaxed. Too many pictures of dogs looking bored or judge-y

We livened things up


Kicking at ball at their heads usually works


I don’t know who makes the best faces…

Bella looks like she’s being held at gun point


But Kate, with the tongue


She has no control over that thing




I am hoping our upcoming trial is as good as our last one. Our first trial of the year was fantastic. We actually got the room we reserved. We all slept well. Ate well. It didn’t rain. Not a single weave issue. Not a single anything issue, actually. It was one of those rare weekends where every run just seemed to work. No off courses, no missed entries or contacts. We actually ran like we had our shit together. Totally fun!

It looks like we have the “no rain” part so far. Hopefully the rest will fall into place, too!


  1. Will you be in the Olympics? Great shots
    Benny & Lily

  2. Gah, some of those shots of Bella make my insides hurt. She really is one of my favorite internet dogs to stalk.

    Tyrone, haa, we just re-watched all of the Dave Chappelle show on netflix. Timeless.

    As for all of the trials at once, yeah, that happens around here too. I have no idea why. We will have 3 months with no trials then bam, 6 in a row. The clubs need to get together and talk.

  3. Good luck with your trials!

  4. Oh your blog does make me smile. Fab pics!

  5. Ah! The pictures with the ball are hilarious!! What kind of trials do you do?

  6. Amazing photography and captured beautifully - priceless.