Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting Better With Age?

Bella has a birthday coming up. A reminder that none of us are getting any younger. I decided to look at her agility stats to see if she is slowing down at all. Since I am not much concerned with things like her time or points, I don’t really think about them much.

Did we Q?  Yes?  Good.
That’s about my general level of concern with those things.
My usual plan for games is to have enough points to qualify with 10 obstacles and then just add some shit that makes sense from a flow point of view.
A World Team Member I will never be.
Since data never lies, I would say Bella is in a good place.  Prime, even.
Bella has decent speed.  Decent.  Not pokey, not crazy fast.  What she doesn’t have is collection.  Wide turner, that one.  If a course is wheeled at 150 yards, we probably run 200.  Ha!

I was surprised to see that her Standard times are actually in a downward trend.  We hate Standard.  Those boring numbered courses. Who needs someone else telling them what to do? 

Her FullHouse points are on the rise.  Good.  That’s probably me getting better at planning a course.

Jackpot (Gamblers for you real agility folk) has always been our favorite.  It’s very steady.  Makes sense.  Those spikes are non-traditional ones where we could probably get points for multiple gambles.  (Soooo not fast enough to get 80 points in a traditional one). I love this game.  I wish we could have a trial with nothing but Jackpots. In CPE, they have Excellent titles – 30 Q’s.  We refer to them as PhD’s.  Bella first PhD was in Jackpot.  She only had 9 level C Jumpers Q’s at that time.  Barring any catastrophes, she is a few trials away from her C-ATE. With the 7 classes that CPE has, 22% of her Level C points are in Jackpot!  The next closest is Snooker at 16%.
Did I mention we love this game?

And the one that makes no sense to me… Our Jumpers suckage.  That shit is all over the place.  No weaves in Jumpers for us either?  Wahtup wit dat? 

And... just because it's funny...

She doesn't like her pools to be moving.  More of a hot tub girl, than a whirlpool girl.


  1. Agility? Those charts look like an earthquake...get ready for the pawrty
    Benny & Lily

  2. All those charts are a bunch of mumbo jumbo to us... but Happy Birthday Bella!

    Lots of licks,
    Oakley and Swisher