Monday, May 2, 2011

The Nose Knows

Started taking Nose Work classes with Bella a few months back. So fun! I am fascinated by their scenting abilities. Have thought about tracking in the past, but that sport is such a time suck. I love what they are doing, but the act of doing it doesn’t appeal to me much. Finding a place, track laying, track aging…ugh. Just a simple practice blows 3 hours. Not to mention the copious amounts of ticks and snakes and cow patties.

Enter Nose work. Ta-da! You can practice in the comfort of your own home. Even taking it on the road is a piece of cake.

A small tin or two, like so
Or so
…and a couple of q-tip’s. Heck, not even a full q-tip, just the little fuzzy bit.

You can’t fit agility in your pocket!

The dogs just love it. Probably because the amount of cheese involved.

Got it!

Cheese, please!

Right here!

Bella is an enthusiastic nose toucher

Maybe more of a nose crammer

Maybe just because nose work is delicious!

Maybe because she has the weirdest bendy aardvark nose. Do your dogs do this? Kate does not. It’s like Bella doesn’t want to be rude and turn away when she smells something so she just bends her nose over there.


  1. We do nose work when the weather is bad and I'm reaching the point of strangling the dogs and getting pet fish.
    My JRT/Beagle mix has the bendy-aardvark nose. So weird.

  2. HAHAHA! Bendy nose looks so funny cute!
    I can't smell something at my FEET! Pugs were not made for tracking.
    Love Noodles

  3. Well done, you enjoyed that, we can tell! Our human used to do scentwork with her old dog for Working Trials and said he just loved it, it's made her think of trying it with us so thanks for the idea! Dex & Lou x

  4. Do you just have the nose touch as the signal they found something, or do they sit, or bark, or something also?

  5. "Do you just have the nose touch as the signal they found something, or do they sit, or bark, or something also?"

    No, a nose touch is not required. I don't think there is a specific alert behavior that is required. It just happens to be a default thing for both of dogs because of prior target training. It's actually suggested that you don't train an alert behavior for quite some time because as the hides get more difficult, it can just become an "I'm frustrated" response in inexperianced dogs instead of an actual alert.

    My two are just making up their own thing!

  6. Great job. Our faces are flat so we don't have good sniffers
    but we try.
    Benny & Lily

  7. Awesome photos. Very intelligent dogs.

  8. This is neat, and a new concept to me. I think my dogs would love it. How did you get into it? Is this all home-based work you do with them? It would be amazing if you did a more in depth post on always thanks for the laughs-Kate gets me every time

  9. hahaha... its cute to see a bendy nose... I hope i also have one. LOL.. I enjoyed looking at that pictures.. nice job...

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