Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maybe A Little Too Relaxed

I love pics of my dogs. Kinda obvious, I guess.

I particularly love when other people take them. Different perpective. I love to watch Bella not looking at me (or the cam). It doesn't happen too often. This is one of the reasons I crate my dogs in the car. Too distracting for me for her to be loose because I love watching her watch the world go by in the rear view.

Not the best idea.

Safety first.

Got a few pics from our trial last weekend. Sooooo not the best weekend ever as our weave woes have returned once again. Slightly different this time, but end result is the same. Damn weird dog.

Anywho, the thing that struck me about the pics is how relaxed she looks. Like, if you just look at her face she could totally just be sitting on the couch watching TV.

This look is the look of a dog who is planning a very short Snooker run.
This look is the look of a dog who is ending that very short Snooker run by back-jumping a red.
She looks pretty content wasting 11 of my hard earned dollars, yeah?

Little shit.

Again with the ho-hum expression, but bunched legs of a dog who is moving. I love how she only has one foot planted.

When she lays like that, all bunched up, I get the urge to grab all her feet and throw her over my shoulder like a sack. I do grab her feet, but stop short of the shoulder business.

My back couldn't take that. :)

This one is my fav. First off, it's Belly being a good girl as I am way off to the right in the pic and she is actually listening and turning away from to hit the tunnel under the Aframe. All dogs have their strengths and weaknesses. Doing stuff at a distance is one of Bella's strengths. Maybe I should be offended that she is more willing to move away than to come in? Trying to tell me something?

I also love how she is high-fiving herself. HAHA.

Her back end is all...."way to go, front end!"


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    That's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! What an awesome picture!

  3. Loved the back jump reference. Some snooker runs can be very short indeed! These are great photos. Thanks for the share

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