Friday, May 6, 2011

Feeling A Little Better

I am going on a real-live, actual vacation in June. Like, the kind where you leave on a plane and don't take dogs with you.

Looking forward to it.

Not looking forward to boarding the girls for 9 days.

Nine days!

Two days is their longest boarding stint we've ever had.

In prep, they have a handful of daycare days between now and then to get them back in the swing of being there. I was a little worried about how Bella would do. Kate is kind of oblivious. Since she lives in a little 2 foot diameter bubble wrapped around her head, she doesn't seemed too bothered about being other places. Bella can get worried, though. She gets that from me.

They had a great time yesterday, though. Comfortably tired when we got home. Not that I'm-exhausted-because-I've-been-stressed-all-day kind of tired. Also, not in a big rush to leave when I went to pick them up. Another good low stress sign.

They spent the morning being polite guests, hanging back (together, of course...haha) and observing their old, but new again surroundings.

Little bookends.

Gradually moving their hanging out spots throughout the day

They even got busted lying down!

I wish they had cameras outside. I heard they spent a lot of time in the pool. Sounds about right. Plus, Kate's ass feathers we all askew like my post-bath photos a few weeks back, so I know she spent a good deal of the day wet. Perfect day for her.

This facility is great. They are on top of their shiz when it comes to handling and caring for the dogs. I mean, I wouldn't take my dogs there if I wasn't completely comfortable with them. My two have been going here since 2005. I know they'll be fine. But, damn...

Nine days!!


  1. You're braver than I am; so far I've only left my girl at home under my boyfriend's care. What's the name of this facility, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. Don't mind at all!

    A Dog's Life

  3. Having the cameras are cool... you can totally spy, er I mean "check-in" on your dogs! Love that they hang out together for support.

    Tell the truth now... how often will you be checking for their on-camera appearances while on vacay? :)

  4. Where is that place? I would love to know great places to leave the dogs. You can never have too many great dogs care places in my Rolodex.

  5. Great idea having the cameras set up! Now you can see what is really going on! It's nice how they all hang out together :)

  6. I would feel the same way. I have never boarded my dogs. I have gone away, but always left them with one of my kids.
    Most of the time, they come with us on vacation.
    Good that you are taking a pro-active approach and having them go to the facility before it is time for their long stay. It looks like a great place and they'll be used to being there by the time you leave.

  7. I've heard of Doggy spa's having cameras and live web cams so the owners can view their furry ones at any time which is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing the name of the facility.

  8. I take my old border collie to A Dog's Life in Milpitas. Good place.

    Have a great vacation.