Wednesday, December 8, 2010

She's So Handsome

No one ever mistakes Kate for a male.


All the time.

What's his name?

I guess she is a little tomboy-ish, yeah?

Would totally play softball if she were a person


Eh, that's OK.

I *heart* her manly ass anyway.



  1. Well, everyone always comments on how PRETTY my male Aussie is, so I guess that evens things out....

  2. A lot of people think my dog is a boy as well. Which I think is odd because she doesn't have a lot of fur down there. It is pretty obvious something is missing.

    Oh well. It suits her jock nature.

  3. That's ok, everyone thinks Riley is a girl. He looks girly and his name can go either way haha :P So people default to girl.

  4. Folks think poor Freya is a boy all of the time. It's because she'd be the girl that ruled the playground and could outrun the fast boys!

  5. Marley is always complemented on being such a pretty boy. Our trainer keeps calling her a boy. Drives me a bit bonkers.

    I figure its because she is so athletic and fast.

  6. You take some great photos! Glad i found your blog!

  7. People always think Chick is a girl, but I wonder if it's because his name is Chick, or whether he is feminine? It's fun having him and Lollie together because she is built like a tank and a little rough around the edges, whereas Chick is slender and refined . . . truly distinguished.

    follow our foster:

  8. Oh i really thought Chick is a boy.. I'm glad you tell us that she's not..