Thursday, December 9, 2010

Miss Kate In Action

I can't tell you how fun(ny) I find these vids. Little Kate. The dog that would pee when you asked her to sit. The dog that hates doorways. The dog that runs into fences.

Just having a good old time. She's running like a puppy. Hey, she ain't trotting, so I'm good. And watch her tail. The damn thing never stops.

Kate STD Fri from 2halves on Vimeo.

When I go online to check records, Bella's are more about business. Where are we at? What does she need? What should we enter next. There may be a "oh, that was a fun one" thrown in, but more about the record keeping.

Kates? Ha! Everytime I scroll down to see tht she has a little growing list of Q's it makes me smile. My Kate has titles. I never thought that would happen. Of course I would have been totally fine if she had never started enjoying agility. Everyone needs a good Auxillary Dog.
It just tickles me. Totally puts a smile on my face.

Kate STD Sun from 2halves on Vimeo.

That a girl Kate Kate!


  1. What a pawtastic job Kate! You go girl!
    Bones and Treats to you,
    Bronson and Pepper

  2. How wonderful for you both! What a good-looking girl she is, too!

  3. I've always thought Kate was just gorgeous as she was - and now, WOW! You rock, Kate!

  4. What a great video, very impressive!

  5. Kate looks great. I am truly happy for both of you! Thanks for posting the videos.

  6. Your Kate is really very sweet. I saw the whole movie clip, keep it on. You both make a good pair.

  7. Very cute Miss Kate, Action is lovely i love it

  8. Kate is such an awesome pup!

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