Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Even When You're Good You Still Get Tortured

Kate still continues to impress me with her newly found love of trialing. I ran her twice a day, all three days over Thanksgiving weekend and it was seriously the most fun I have had running her. It still sorta feels like I was running someone else’s dog. Like, “where did you come from?”

I fell outta the sky. Now throw my damn ball.

I was worried that our agility break would have a negative effect on her. I knew Bella would be fine. Thought maybe having 5 weeks without touching equipment may have set her back a tad. Not at all. She was kinda – “yay, this again!?!” – all weekend.

Leave me alone. I’m judging you for doubting me

The problems, as per usual, we all me based. I keep catching myself babysitting her. I don’t even mean while actually running. I do it while walking the course! I have to keep stopping and asking myself why I am doing X. I don’t do this out loud, mind you. I do have to keep telling myself that if something happens I’ll just fix it. No need to walk the damn fix!

It’s a wonder you get your shoes on in the morning

That whole Trust Your Dog thing is tough.

Trusting your handler sucks, too

I said it’s “tough,” Kate. I didn’t say it sucks.

Well, you should have

We certainly have stuff to work on. I decided to try one thing on each run and see how she did.

Sending to weaves – check
Fading weaves – check
Fading contact – check
Rear cross – fail
Obstacle discrimination – epic fail

The rear cross thing I get. We don’t do a lot of those. The obstacle discrimination? Whew, we need some work on that. Kate has decided she is a tunnel-sucker. Tunnel under contact? Damn it, we are doing that tunnel!
And again. And again. And again…

I also noticed that she is stressing a bit when I lead out. Her little ears go back and she sits there like she waiting to fail.
Kinda like when we're at home and I ….


Maybe I should put a cookie on her head at the startline?

I could stay like this alllll day!

This is so them.

Bella – say “free,” say “free,” say “free,” say “free,”

Kate – Holy mother of God, I’m going to die!
Cookies on my feet, cookies on my feet.
*happy place* *happy place*


Being one of my dogs kinda sucks sometimes.


  1. I don't know if THEY were having any fun during cookie torture, but I sure got a chuckle outta the photos!

  2. I hear you on the trusting your dog on the agility course! Poor Freya dog, I babysat her all last weekend and she didn't need it. We got 3/4 regular Qs, which for a baby novice dog that isn't even 2 is pretty good. We've been struggling with jumps of all the strange things, but she's finally understanding they're a required obstacle (I just don't realize that she's there yet and babysit). I know NADAC doesn't have a lot on the other venues and it isn't nearly as challenging for some folks, but it's what we've got here in Montana :)

  3. I have got to try this with mine. My own Chick would pick it up fast, but our foster Lollie still has a ways to go in terms of discipline . . . the photos in this are gorgeous, by the way!

    follow our foster: loveandaleash.wordpress.com

  4. WOW Mine dogs would be so patience, I think, never tried this before lol. Very well trained and cute too.