Monday, August 16, 2010

Agility By The Sea

We went out to Pacifica to do a little training on Sunday.
We stalk Luke at trials. May as well on the free weekends too, yeah?

Luke (1)

Mr. Luke recently lost an eye to glaucoma. Luke’s mom has been working being on Luke’s blind side without him taking her off her feet and practicing the dog walk as much as she can, as poor Luke is a little hesitant. The place we trial most often has one ring inside and one out. Luke has had a few dog walk meltdowns inside. Obviously, he doesn’t see as well in the darker indoor arena.

He has no problem camera-spotting, though

Luke (8)

It’s really quite amazing how these guys adjust. Try just walking a course with one eye shut, let alone running it!


Our practice? Not quite so serious. Sure we do some stuff in the beginning. Then we practice the agility that involves me sitting the grass with a camera on my face. To make myself feel better I just call it “distance work”

Hey why don’t you two go do that 180 so I can get a pic


Backup, backup, backup, weave!

Now get your ass in that tunnel

Maybe this is why I get ignored on course?

Our practice time also involves other important things like The Art of Begging

Investigation of what bug is crawling on your ass

Keeping the ball away from your no-good, dirty, low-down, ball-thieving sister

And waiting for the opportunity to be a no-good, dirty, low-down, ball-thieving sister

We take out training very seriously!


  1. Wonderful pictures! I love reading about your dogs. Hopefully one day I'll be posting pictures from agility events too, but not for a while as we just finished a beginners class.

    And major kudos to the little guy with one eye!

  2. have the best action shots. What a fun day
    Benny & Lily

  3. pacifica? thats right near us! where is this free weekend place?

  4. "pacifica? thats right near us! where is this free weekend place?"

    Not free! :-) By "free weekend" I meant trial-free. Ha!

    It is reasonable, I think, but you do have to pay for field rental. It's called Shamrock Ranch. Horse place that also does dog boaring. I think it's Ace Dog Sports that does classes there.

  5. LOVE your blog. I just spent the better part of yesterday catching up since 2007. Yeah, I know, I have no life, unless it involves dogs.

    You're definitely on my blog roll.

    Such great pictures!
    Is the Dalmatian's eye blue?

  6. "Is the Dalmatian's eye blue?"

    Yup, the good eye is blue!

  7. The pictures are fabulous!

    You should check out, they're proud sponsors of the AKC / USA agility world team ;)

  8. I love that pic of Bella watching the bug on her ass. My border collie mix Bear does that all the time, its like a freakish obsession that bugs had better not be touching him! So funny

  9. Loved reading your blog LOL very humorous!

  10. Wow ! Really eye soothing pictures they are..

  11. "Now get your ass in that tunnel" Hee! You are funny.

  12. Awesome photos! I would love to see my Honey Ham try an agility course like should be good for a laugh.

  13. Great post on dog agility training! It looks fun and at the same time very good exercise for our furry friends!