Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Is Why I Rarely Go To The Beach

I am so not fond of sand. It’s just an irritating substance. You know how you feel right after handling a Brillo pad or scrubbing something with Comet? That’s the beach for me.

So, much to my chagrin, the only place to exercise dogs (and by exercise, I mean photograph) at our trial last weekend was in a gigantic litter box.

You can see they were as thrilled as I
Bella (1)

Man, when Dingbat is not even cracking a smile. Whew
Kate (5)

It was just like old times for Belly. Just like in AZ. Sand covered, teeth destroying tennis balls
Bella (2)

Maybe not her best move of the day?

I guess on the plus side, since this beach was sans ocean, there was at least no vomiting on the way home

Bella (3)

The trial was fun. Teeny tiny. I like small trials, but the really small ones are exhausting. It’s like you go run your dog, back to your spot, get your ass half in a chair and hear someone holler “we need workers!” Damn.

Bella had a great Sat and kind of a half-assed Sun, but whatev’s. Not getting paid for this shit, right?

We have a couple more trials weekends here. Next weekend I am running Kate.

Did you hear me groan a little there?

I really shouldn’t do that. She is just running a couple of games each day. See how she doing kind of thing. In typical Kate fashion it will be one extreme or the other. She will be speedy and enjoy herself like she’s been doing this her whole life…or…she’ll be stressy and refuse to leave the startline. Former, please.

If it’s the latter the videos will really suck. :-)

Fingers crossed for The Noodle, please!

We want this

Not this!


  1. I used to leave in Rhode Island, and now live in Iowa, and I would give anything to have REAL sand again! Never thought I would miss that stuff!
    Great pics, and funny blog!

  2. Crossing paws for noodle to have a good day :)


  3. Nice Pics :)

  4. We usually love running in the sand, but since the oil spill, there haven't been many field trips to the beach. Good luck next week, Kate!