Friday, July 2, 2010

The Other Players: Lucy

Alternate title: I Can’t Stop Farting Around With Picnik

For this, I totally blame Carolynn

This is Lucy

Cute, right? Smoothie. Girl. Goofy ears. Right up my alley!

She is from cattle lines. Bred in another state. And by “another state,” I mean Southern California. She is a wee bit of a softy. Perhaps not cut out for cattle work as her pedigree might allude to. She was also getting the tar beaten out of her by the other dogs. I guess all parties agreed that maybe another home would be best for all involved.

Maybe a sheepdog instead?


It’s neat to watch them progress. Not just working, but the day to day stuff. Gaining confidence. Starting to relax. Not constantly on alert that something may hurt you any second now.


Although, she still wants to make damn sure everyone knows she’s listening.

“I can’t get any more down than this”


Good girl, Lucy. Good girl.



  1. Isn't picnik the greatest! I know how to use photoshop too, but there is something so fun and silly about picnik that I keep going back. Great pics as usual,love your photography!