Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Step 1: Make sure no one is coveting your ball
Bella_7-4-10 (9)

Step 2: Dig deep. That’s where the good stuff is
Bella_7-4-10 (10)

Step 3: Single out the tender ones
Bella_7-4-10 (11)

Step 4: Pluck
Bella_7-4-10 (12)

Step 5: Savor
Bella_7-4-10 (13)


  1. My guys do this too. I swear sometimes it's like walking a bunch of cows on leash. They just stop and munch on the fresh grass on the street corner, munch, munch, munch.

    UM? Walk? No, thanks. We're eating grass now.

  2. My poodle adores playing with his ball. The funniest thing is when he pretends not to be interested in the ball anymore, but as soon as you try to take it's a whole another story!

  3. We love eating grass too! But sometimes it gets caught in our throats and we gag.

  4. This series is too perfect. Grass is so yummy.