Monday, June 28, 2010

No Progress At All

Poor Kate.

She is doing her typical backslide. The first time you try something she is gungho. After that, when she realizes that she may have to think, or perform, or listen, or any of those horribly stressful things, she says, "Eff this."

Oh hai! You going to take me somewhere fun?


I thought there would be kitties and treats. +*&%$!
I don't see any sheep, I don't hear any sheep, and I'm not saying the word "sheep"

OK, so I'll act like a dog for 30 seconds
Put me back on the fence now?



  1. Kate is gorgeous, and gives such wonderful expressions! Found your blog recently, really enjoyed browsing today- and looking forward to your next update on their antics.

  2. Ha, Kate is a hoot and I see her owner is too. I too recently stumbled upon your blog and I find it very interesting as well.

    I can relate to the "Eff this and that" my two pups have the very same attitude when they want too.

    I guess every dog has her day. I hope that we can establish some great lines of communication here.

    Here are my boyz Starsky & Hooch

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  3. Your blog is great, beautiful dogs as well.

    I will be sure to keep up with your posts.

    Here you can see my girlfriends cute Pomeranian towards the bottom of the page. He can be a handful at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

  4. I agree, Kate is beautiful! Do you typically have her on a leash? I recently decided to begin training my dog to stay in the yard without putting him on a leash, which will probably be somewhat of a struggle; he tends to be a little stubborn. I'm currently searching for tips on training a dog that's no longer a puppy. I'm looking into wireless fences because Louie tends to jump over things and I wouldn't put it past him to jump a wooden fence. My friend told me about a new wireless fence coming out and it looks like it would be a good system. I like the fact that it doesn't correct a dog when he returns, most of the ones I found do. This is the system I'm talking about: