Thursday, June 17, 2010

Been A Little Busy

And by "busy" I kinda mean completely lazy.

On the dog health front:

Did I tell you that Kate hurt herself? I may have. That’s 2 fun matches we have missed due to Kate being a dingbat. I think she was either getting on or off the recliner that has the dog bed in it and had her leg slip between the arm and the seat of the chair. Healing was slow going on that. I guess we are just going to stick to the more expensive fun matches that many people just call trials. I have her entered in one in July. Gosh help us all.

Bella. Health like horse. Except she has her first lump. And not a lovely lady one. Just one of those fatty things, but still, kinda sad. Another we-ain’t-getting-any-younger reminder.

The agility front has been slow. Trials all clumped together, so flurry of 3 weekends in a row then nothing for 2 months.

We have started working sheep again. OK – sheepdog sidebar here – I know I’m not supposed to say “herding.” I know that would make me one of *those* people, but I feel a little weird saying “working” too. I mean, to me “work” means being useful and none of us are that yet when it comes to sheep. So, for those hard-core Border Collie folks who read this blog, the h-word may slip occasionally. Please don’t think poorly of me for it.

The place that we are going to is very different. Looking for same end product, but approached from different angle. For whatever reason, this angle seems to make more sense to Bella. She seems more settled, more focused. Like something is clicking. Very interested in watching when she is not working (didn’t do this before) and no poop eating! Yay.


She was not thrilled with the long the long line. She has never been on one. To her, leash means not doing anything. First time in she had to be convinced that she wasn’t being set up.


I don’t know enough to put my finger on it, things just seem different now.


And in non-dusty news…. New backyard! Woot!

Although, right now, not so cool. It’s sort of like when people put white carpet in their living room and then don’t allow anyone in there. Can’t use it or walk on it or pee on it or do jump grids. No, no. Needs to do whatever sod does when it comes to live with you.
Looking longingly is allowed.

They think that kinda sucks. :-)


  1. You guys were awfully busy pulling legs and herding..BOL
    Have a happee day and hope that leg is healing
    Benny & Lily